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The Godinn chess club is active in Húsavík and Thingeyjarsveit. But some club members live in Reykjavík. Anyone can join the club. We have weekly chess practice, usually on mondaynights, from september until early may each year. We have many tournament and all of them are FIDE-rated.

2 times a year we go to Reykjavík for the Icelandic chess team championship. Our championship tournament is usally in jan-feb each year. We have af few blitz and rapid tournaments as well.

Most of our tournament and chess practice take place in Framsýn Union at Garðarsbraut 26 Húsavík or in Hlöðufell Húsavík. But some take place in Álfasteinn Laugar or Vaglir Fnjóskadal. Sometimes we have chess tournaments in other locations.

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Contact the club:
Hermann Aðalsteinsson. tel: 8213187 mail: lyngbrekku@simnet.is (Club president)
Rúnar Ísleifsson tel: 8963112 mail: Runar.Isleifsson@landogskogur.is
Sigurbjörn Ásmundsson tel:8665017 mail: bjossiasm@outlook.com
Ingi Hafliði Guðjónsson tel: 8628896 mail: ingihaf@gmail.com
Smári Sigurðsson tel: 8657607 mail: smarisigurdsson4@gmail.com

Godinn chess club covers a big part of north-east Iceland, but only about 4500 people live in that part.

Godinn chess club cover most of the north east of Iceland